Mindset + Manifestation 101

Your introduction to having a stellar mindset and being a pro manifestor!

Welcome to Mindset + Manifestation 101! This masterclass will teach you the foundation behind having a solid mindset and being an expert manifestor.

This masterclass teaches you:

- What is mindset?

- Why is mindset so important?

- How does the subconscious mind work?

- What are limiting beliefs and how can we identify them?

- How can we reprogram limiting beliefs?

- How can we rewire our mind?

- What is the law of attraction and how does it work?

- How can I use the law of attraction to get what I want?

- What does it mean to stay high vibe and why is it important?

- How can I stay high vibe?

- How do I manifest the life and business of my dreams?


Your Instructor

Juliana Frisoli
Juliana Frisoli

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  Mindset + Manifestation 101
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